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Timemore Fish Pouring Kettle

Timemore Fish 04 Pouring Kettle


The Timemore Fish 04 pouring kettle’s beautiful aesthetics put it a step above your classic stainless options. This non-electric pouring kettle is super light and perfectly balanced and its ergonomic design allows for a comfortable and highly precise pour. Perfect for all hand-poured coffee methods.

Timemore’s patented spout design ensures a 90° vertical water flow for ultimate accuracy. Water flow is silky smooth, continuous and unbelievably responsive, providing perfect control. The Pelican spout also allows for larger water flows for tea and coffee cuppings, catering to a wide variety of hot drinks and brew methods.


  • Made from the highest quality 304 stainless steel
  • Highly wear resistant 3 layers Teflon coating
  • The patented spout and flow system ensure a 90° vertical continuously flow and ultra-responsive (start/stop immediately)
  • Ergonomically designed for ultra-balance and control
  • Hole in the lid for a thermometer insertion
  • Also designed to allow higher flow for tea and for coffee cuppings
  • Available in Black
  • Not suitable for induction burners


  • 700-900ml capacity
  • 158mm high, width at base 105mm
  • Weight: 500g


1-year warranty

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