NS Oscar II

Nuova Simonelli Oscar II


An excellent, better-than-entry-level home espresso machine from Nuova Simonelli, a leading commercial equipment manufacturer we have worked with in our wholesale business for years. This is not your run-of-the-mill home-appliance-store toy. This machine is designed to bring professional-grade espresso into the home.

Overview of key features

  • Heat exchanger allows for brewing and steaming at the same time (steaming and brewing require two different temperatures)
  • Thermo-compensated brewing group for improved consistency of extraction
  • Soft infusion to avoid channeling and to produce even extraction
  • Renowned milk steaming power delivered via a well-designed, long, rotating steam wand, activated via a push-pull lever
  • Programmable timed-dosing (not volumetric)
  • Commercial-grade 58mm portafilter
  • Cup warmer
  • Minimalist design
  • Stainless steel chassis and key casing components with some ABS
  • Relatively compact
  • Available in both a reservoir version and a version that can be directly plumbed-in to a water supply (not field-switchable)


  • Home kitchen
  • Office coffee corner
  • Small bed & breakfast or hotel
  • Not ideal for even a small cafe or restaurant unless volume is exceptionally low.

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  • Materials: Stainless steel and ABS
  • Water tank: 3L (reservoir version)
  • Insulated copper boiler
  • Boiler capacity: 2L
  • Thermo-compensated group head
  • 360deg pivoting and long steam wand
  • Professional 58mm portafilter handle
  • Net weight: 13kg
  • Size: W 300 × H 400 × D 408
  • Power: 1200 W

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