Bodum Brazil Plunger


French press (aka plunger aka coffee press aka caffetiere) is an immersion brewing method which delivers a cup with the following characteristics:

  • More oils = more aroma + body
  • Less acidity = less complexity + structure
  • More Sediment = less clarity

That said, the plunger can produce a great cut for those who enjoy more body, aroma and mouthfeel and don’t mind a bit of sediment. This method particularly suits immaculately prepared, high quality coffees – which is right where the best speciality coffees sit. To learn more about the plunger as a brew method, refer to our brew guide.

This is a true classic Bodum French press. While one can buy many brands at many different price points, the Bodum is still a high-quality classic.

Available in 3 and 8 cup versions. We generally stock it in black (but other colours are available on request – just email us at

Our single origin coffees are all packed into 250g bags straight from the roaster. For optimal freshness, if you select 1kg of a single-origin coffee, it will be shipped as 4x250g bags.  
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