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New Seasonal Blend: Spring Blend 2019

Origin Coffee Roasting

Spring Blend 2019 Tanzania – Origin Mill (Rafiki) Uganda – Kapchorwa Mexico – Finca Guadalupe Zaju Flavour: Maple syrup, subtle rosemary, spicy finish Acidity: Apple, red wine grapes Body: Elegant, light syrupy Roast: Light—medium Suitable for: Mokapot, espresso, pourover, Aeropress   Tanzania – Origin Mill (Rafiki) OWNER Smallholder farmers affiliated with Rafiki […]

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The French Press — Understanding the brew Method

French Press coffee

An Introduction First off- lets clear up some confusion around the name. In Italy it’s known as a caffettiera a stantuffo. In New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa it’s known as a ‘Coffee plunger’. In UK ,Netherlands and France the name is ‘Cafetière’. In the United States and Canada, it is known as a ‘French press’ or ‘Coffee press’. The coffee press was patented by Milanese […]

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What is “Single Origin” coffee?

Coffee beans

Single Origin coffees are synonymous with distinctiveness. It’s important to know that terroir has a real effect in the coffee industry. In general- Single Origin is a term used for coffees from a single geographical location, as opposed to blends or non- traceable coffees. And by ‘single geographical location’, I […]

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