About Origin


From day one, our focus has been on developing a hub of coffee excellence that would service the whole of Africa – the continent where coffee was first grown and roasted.

We decided that it was time for South Africans to drink high quality coffee, poured by professionally trained baristas, using quality beans roasted with pride by a skilled artisan roaster. Origin’s owner Joel Singer dedicated himself to bringing this dream to reality. Origin opened their doors in a beautiful brick warehouse in De Waterkant in May 2006.

We realised that without an established barista profession in the country, training and support were critical to establishing a quality coffee culture. Origin founded a dedicated barista academy that would focus on deep training of a new generation of world-class African baristas. At Origin We have successfully trained over 3,000 of the top baristas on the continent. These professionally trained ambassadors have advanced the coffee cause, won numerous awards and upped the level of beverages across the board.

Joel and members of the Origin team helped to found the Speciality Coffee Association of Southern Africa (SCASA) and to launch the South African National Barista Championships, affiliated with the World Barista Championships (WBC). To date Origin has produced 5 South African Barista champions who went on to compete at the WBC.

Great coffees come from many origins worldwide, but we are passionate and proud that many of the world’s finest coffees are grown here in Africa, the birthplace of coffee. We roast them all in Cape Town, the centre of a new speciality coffee revolution.

 Experience something beyond just a great cafe. Explore the barista school, see us hand roll our bagels, chat to the roaster or grab a seat at our Brew bar and experience some alternative brew methods and new coffee discoveries.